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Timken showcases a full line of machine tool bearing solutions

by:JNSN     2021-10-24

In this exhibition, Timken Company demonstrated a full range of machine tool bearing solutions to a wide audience. Among them, Timken precision tapered crossed roller bearings are patented products of Timken Company. Aiming at the characteristics of the Chinese market, Timken exhibited a ball bearing product that highly meets the needs of Chinese machine tool companies—ISO P4 precision grade Timken MV ball bearings at this exhibition. Timken is a global leader in industrial technology. In its 110-year history of development, Timken has always been leading technological progress with unremitting innovation, and with first-class talents, equipment, technology and craftsmanship, it has created more for customers in the industry. Efficient power transmission solutions. In the machine tool industry, Timken provides a comprehensive range of Timken machine tool bearings, covering various types of precision tapered roller bearings, precision cross roller bearings and precision ball bearings of different precision levels, which can fully meet the needs of machine tool spindles, turntables and ball screws The application requirements for bearings have comprehensively improved the performance of machine tools. As one of the strategic emerging industries in the national 'Twelfth Five-Year PlanAmong them, China's machine tool industry has been developing steadily and gradually transforming to high-end products, and the demand for key components with high performance and reliability is increasing. Timken regards China as a local market, pays attention to the needs of Chinese customers, and is committed to helping customers improve product performance and competitiveness with its knowledge and experience, and create value for customers.

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