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Types and replenishment methods of grease for seated bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-17
Types of replenishing grease: There are various types of grease used in rolling bearings with seats on the market, but sometimes different types of grease, especially soap-based different greases, will significantly reduce the lubricating performance. Therefore, the supplementary grease should be the same as the grease initially filled, avoid the use of different types of grease. The recommended replenishment of grease for seated rolling bearings is the same as the grease initially filled (refer to Table 2.3). In addition, when other greases must be used, they should be at least the same type (thickener) as the grease initially filled. Grease replenishment method: The replenishment of the grease of the rolling bearing with a seat is carried out with a grease nozzle and a grease gun installed on the bearing box (Figure 14.13). Figure 14.13 Replenishment of grease for seated rolling bearing ① Clean the grease nozzle and its surroundings so that foreign matter does not enter the inside of the bearing ② Clean the grease gun and fill with clean grease ③ Replenish grease When replenishing grease for the seated rolling bearing , It is recommended to rotate the shaft by hand (or run the bearing at low speed). In this way, the old grease can be properly eliminated, and the new grease can be evenly added to the inside of the bearing. In terms of mechanical structure, when it is difficult to replenish the grease with the standard type (A type) grease nozzle, there are also B type and C type grease nozzles, please order. The types of grease nozzles are shown in Figure 14.14. When using a centralized lubrication device to lubricate multiple rolling bearings with seats, use soft grease with a consistency of 300 to 380. In order to accurately replenish the specified amount of grease, proper piping is required. The piping of the seated rolling bearing is carried out using the threaded hole of the grease nozzle of the bearing box, but when the threaded hole of the bearing box and the thread of the piping are different, use a reducing sleeve joint. The structure of the reducer casing joint for centralized oil supply is shown in Figure 14.15. In addition, when intensively supplying oil, determine a shorter grease replenishment interval. If the replenishment amount shown in Table 14.5 is refilled, the bearing lubrication effect will be good.
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