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Types of precision rolling bearings and the meaning of model suffixes

by:JNSN     2021-12-16
Types Sectional Shape Bearing Series Contact Angle Features Angular Contact Ball Bearing 7900C 15°● The ball and inner ring, outer ring raceway have a contact angle (contact angle) in the radial direction, suitable for bearing radial load and axial load The resultant load. ● Because of the contact angle, the axial component force is generated when the radial load acts, and it is generally symmetrical or paired on both sides of the shaft. ● The contact angle of 15° has high speed, and 25° has axial load capacity. 7900AC 25° 7000C 15° 7000AC 25° 7200C 15° 7200AC 25°. High-speed angular contact ball bearings BNH 15°● In order to alleviate the sliding of the ball caused by the gyro torque during high-speed operation, steel balls smaller than standard angular contact ball bearings are used. ● It is interchangeable with 7000 series in size. Axial load angular contact ball bearings TAH 3 TBH 4● Compared with the conventional TAD series (double row axial angular contact ball bearings), the contact angle is smaller, the ball sliding caused by the gyro torque is small, and the temperature rise is lower. ● It can be interchanged with TAD series. NN Type Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing NN3000 −NNU Type Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing NNU4900 −● There are many rolling elements (cylindrical rollers) with high rigidity. ● The inner diameter of the tapered hole can adjust the internal clearance according to the axial clamping amount of the inner ring. ● An oil tank and oil hole are designed in the center of the outer ring. Crossed Tapered Roller Bearings XRN XRG− ● The tapered rollers are mutually arranged and have high rigidity for axial load and moment load. ● Since the roller has a center of revolution and rotation, smooth rotation is achieved. Ball screw support bearing TAB 6 TAF5 (55°) ● Mainly used on ball screws of machine tools. ● There are open type and seal type (contact type and non-contact type). ● Mainly used in high-load ball screws of electric injection molding machines. ● Adopt a large diameter ball to increase the axial load capacity by increasing the contact angle.
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