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Various characteristics and suffix meanings of thrust cylindrical roller bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-22
Characteristics of Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearings Thrust cylindrical roller bearings have a small axial section height, high load carrying capacity and high rigidity. One-way thrust bearing One-way thrust cylindrical roller bearing is composed of thrust cylindrical roller and cage assembly, seat ring centered by the bearing seat and shaft ring centered by the shaft. The inner diameter and outer diameter of the bearing, as well as the working surfaces of the shaft and seat ring are all finished. The bearing can withstand one-way axial force. Bearings 810 and 811 are single-row bearings and comply with the standard DIN 722/ISO 104. Angular contact ball bearings Z-5 and F-8 are special series, and there is no standard size and model. Operating temperature The operating temperature range of thrust cylindrical roller bearings and thrust cylindrical roller cage assemblies is 30 °C to +150 °C. Cages such bearings usually use brass cages. In the series 810 and 811, the suffix is u200bu200bdenoted as M. Through consultation, we can provide the cage design information for special bearings. The suffix means the suffix of the existing standard bearing design, please refer to the table. Existing design 1) Specially designed non-standard (Z-5, F-8) type bearings can be provided after negotiation. Suffix 1) Description design M brass cage standard design MB solid brass cage, internal guidance P5 improved dimensional and geometric accuracy special design P4 high dimensional and geometric accuracy thrust cylindrical roller bearing design and safety guide Thrust cylindrical roller bearing Can only bear axial force. Equivalent dynamic load of the bearing For the bearing that bears the dynamic load, the following formula is adopted: P kN equivalent dynamic load of the bearing and Fa kN axial dynamic load of the bearing. Bearing equivalent static load. For bearings that are subjected to static load, the following formula is used: P0 kN bearing equivalent static load 0a kN bearing axial static load. Minimum axial load In order to ensure the reliable operation of the bearing, the minimum axial load Fa min must be calculated according to the following formula: Fa min N minimum axial load C0a N (see dimension table) Basic static load rating ka To determine the coefficient of the minimum load, please refer to Table n min1 speed. Coefficient ka1) According to the agreement, we can provide ka value for non-standard bearings. Series factor ka1) 810 1.3811 1.4 Schaeffler Group Industrial TPI 205 103 Limit speed The limit speed in the dimension table only applies to oil lubrication. The entire surface of the adjacent component design thrust bearing washer must be fully supported. The adjacent shoulders must be rigid, flat and perpendicular to the axis of rotation. Tolerance of shaft and seat hole Tolerance of shaft and seat hole: see table. The direction of the shaft and seat hole tolerance washer. When installing the thrust bearing washer, the raceway surface should face the rolling element. For the seat ring, the raceway surface is the side with the smaller chamfer on the outer diameter. For the shaft ring, the raceway surface is the side with the smaller chamfer on the aperture. Accuracy dimensions and geometric tolerances The dimensions and geometric tolerances of thrust bearing washers GS and WS are P5 or higher and comply with DIN 620, please refer to the dimension table. Bearing assembly shaft tolerance seat hole tolerance cage internal guide h8 seat ring H7 (K7) shaft ring h6 (j6).
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