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Various characteristics of C series single row deep groove ball bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-24
Features of C series single row deep groove ball bearings Deep groove ball bearings are non-separable bearings composed of solid inner and outer rings, cages and steel balls, which are very versatile. They are simple in design, reliable in operation and easy to maintain, including open and sealed designs. Due to the geometry of the raceways and the use of steel balls as rolling elements, deep groove ball bearings can withstand bidirectional axial loads and radial loads. The biggest feature of C series deep groove ball bearings is low noise and low friction. They are particularly suitable for use in equipment such as motors, air conditioners, washing machines and power tools. Advantages Many advantages of C series deep groove ball bearings are attributed to design changes, such as improvements in bearing kinematics, new seal and cage structures, and improvements in processing technology. Low noise level and higher quality steel balls, optimized raceway surface, more stable cage and internal structure improvements reduce the running noise of the bearing. Sealing improvement The innovative gap seal design (suffix Z) effectively prevents external dust from entering and internal grease leakage. The contact seal (suffix HRS or ELS) is in axial contact with the inner ring and forms a labyrinth function with the grooves of the inner and outer rings, so that the bearing can achieve better sealing effect during operation, page 5, Figure 1 and . The optimization of the tightness of the low-friction raceway, the improvement of the raceway surface quality, waviness and roundness, etc., reduce the friction inside the bearing. Higher cost performance due to reduced friction, energy loss during operation is also reduced. Better protection performance and reduction of grease shear stress reduce grease consumption and prolong the service life of grease and bearings. Sealed open bearings are suitable for high speed and super high speed. Due to the standardized processing technology, grooves for sealing ring and dust cover are processed on the ferrule, page 5, Figure 1. The suffix 2Z indicates that there are gap seals on both sides of the bearing, page 5, Figure 1. This type of bearing is filled with high-quality grease, is maintenance-free and suitable for high speeds. Compared with the traditional gap seal, this new type of dust cover design can improve the sealing performance. The suffix 2HRS or 2ELS means that the bearing has contact seals made of nitrile rubber on both sides, as shown in Figure 1 and. This type of bearing is filled with high-quality grease, is maintenance-free and suitable for medium speeds. When the bearing is running, compared with the radial contact seal, this type of seal can achieve a higher speed. At the same time, the friction and heating of the bearing are lower. The suffix 2BRS means that the bearing has non-contact seals made of nitrile rubber on both sides. They have the same low friction level as gap seals. But they are better at preventing the ingress of external dust and leakage of internal grease, Figure 1. The operating temperature is limited by the material of the sealing ring, see page 6, the operating temperature section. HRS seal is the standard design of C series deep groove ball bearing with contact seal. ELS seals are also available through negotiation.
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