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ZWZ bearings successfully supporting multi-city subway projects

by:JNSN     2021-11-08
Recently, a batch of hob bearings provided by a company in Zhuzhou, a specialized manufacturer of cutter head hobs, has been installed by WZ Group, and they are now being used on shield machines operating on Changsha Metro Line 2.

In September 2012, the National Development and Reform Commission announced recently approved 25 urban rail transit construction projects, involving a total investment of more than 800 billion urban rail. According to incomplete statistics, before 2015, 15 cities in China that have built urban rail will build 65 new rail transit lines, and several cities will also build subways. These projects require more than 300 shield machines to be put into construction.

The shield machine is a landmark product of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry and has been widely used in the construction of urban subways, railways, highways, water conservancy and other tunnel projects. Shield machine cutter head hob bearings require high bearing capacity and high impact resistance. A shield machine has a tunneling life of 10-15 kilometers according to the main bearing, and a large number of replacements are used. At present, most of the imported bearings are used, and customers have localized products. The market potential of hob bearings for shield tunneling machines is huge.

In recent years, the bushing has accelerated the research and development of shield machine bearings, and has successfully replaced imports for many customers and applied them in urban rail transit projects. Among them, the replacement of imported bearings for the shield machine of the Guangzhou Metro project has passed user tests and has been ordered in batches. In addition, the bushing also provided supporting bearings for a number of hob manufacturers.

In the face of market application prospects and customer needs, Wazhou Group is accelerating the development and manufacturing of supporting bearings for shield machines.

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